Our Autumn Range

 As we welcome Autumn we should also consider autumnal colours that represent the fall season which include very deep red, shades of orange, brown, and even green.

We would like to draw your attention to the autumnal colours from our range, and inspire you with ideas on how to pair them with your outfits.

From our Plain Gumus Range

Gumus KhakhiKhakhi green is a gorgeous colour for autumn, perfect for when you’re wearing a beige coat paired with blue jeans. 
Gumus Crimson Red

Crimson red is a very deep red that would look perfect on any skin tone. It looks great with black, white and even grey. 

Gumus - Golden Brown

Although beige and nudes are colours that can be worn all year round, there’s something special about wearing nudes in autumn, especially our golden brown. Any skin tone can rock it and the best part is the colour can be worn on almost anything and almost any occasion. 

From our Printed Range


Kainat in red and beige

The Red and Beige hijab in Kainat is one of our favourites for autumn. The ombre design is something different yet the colours are very autumnal.  

Desert leila

Desert in Leila is probably the most autumnal hijab because of the brick and burnt orange shades. It’s a unique and beautiful design makes it our favourite. 

Burnt orange - Gulizar 

Burnt orange in Gulizar is most definitely an autumn pick because of the colours. This hijab can be rocked with a plain beige or brown dress. The hijabs brown and green from this range are also very autumnal. We recommend that you check them out on our website. 

Sand Eysan
Sand in Eysan is a chiffon hijab that looks perfect with formal wear and is a stunning brown shade.

That's it for this post, we hope this post has given you some inspiration. Let us know what you think as we love your feedback! Are there any shades you'd like us to stock? Or how about you let us know what your favourite autumnal colour is? 

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