Modesty in Modern Times

Modesty in the modern world is a complex notion, simply because every woman has a different interpretation of what she considers as modest. In fact, different women have different reasonings as to why they practice modesty.

Modesty To Show Submission to God

When a woman is seen wearing a veil she is automatically considered as “oppressed”. However, if you ask women why they cover in such manner you’d hear responses such as “I am doing it for the sake of my Lord”. Many Muslim women also believe that the hijab not only protects them but also “protects her spiritual light”. Some also consider it a sign of commitment to God and a sign of faith.  

Modesty To Empower

I once asked my friend who was wearing the hijab, how she felt wearing it and whether it made her feel inferior to other women. Her response was “not at all, dressing modestly doesn’t oppress me, in fact, it empowers me because I choose what you can or cannot see”.

You aren’t limited to society’s trends nor are you obliged to follow society’s norms to what is considered as “fashionable”.

You are a leader, not a follower.

Recognising Modest Fashion

A wide range of influencers and bloggers have had a part to play in getting women that dress modestly/practise the hijab recognised. Such women are now represented in the fashion world. If you’re looking for a great blog to read, a blog that takes on a modern perspective to modesty and also discusses lifestyle-related topics, we highly recommend Modesty By Sarah.

Who We Are

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