Hijab Styles & Hacks

Everyone has a different style and preference when it comes to wearing the hijab. We have compiled for you a blog that shows different styles using different kinds of materials.

Easy Fold Hijab

Chiffon and satin hijabs look the most elegant and can boost up very chic looks. The struggle for many however is that it can be slippery.

#Tip1 - We highly recommend using a cap underneath the hijab

#Tip2 - Use two pins, one at the end of your first fold and the second, a small pin on that same first layer but on top of your head

Habiba Nessa wearing Orkide Gumus

Habiba Nessa wearing our chiffon Gumus hijab that’s perfect for everyday wear and occasion, depending on your individual taste.

 Iamah wearing Orkide Hurrem
Image of Iamah wearing our Jacquard Hurrem Hijab in Gold. This hijab is perfect for occasions and to add bling to your all-black outfits.

No Pins Hijab

Some days many of us don’t want to wear any pins at all, especially when it’s hot outside.

#Tip1 - Ensure the material is not slippery and if it is you wear a cap

#Tip 2 - Tie your hair up in a bun so that the scarf can pretty much “balance” on your bun

#Tip3 - Tuck the scarf into your top or wrap it around your neck so it doesn’t fall off

Habiba Nessa wearing Orkide Hurrem

Image of Habiba Nessa wearing our Jacquard Hurrem Hijab perfect for elegant looks and events.

Iamah wearing Orkide Gulizar

Image of Iamah wearing our Satin Gulizar Hijab. This hijab is perfect for plain beige/black outfits that need boosting.

Turban Style Hijab

Turban styles are very trendy and look pretty classy. There are a few tips you need to remember in order to pull this look off.

#Tip1 - Make sure you have volume, either tie your hair up or get a pin otherwise the turban will look flat.

#Tip2 - Wear a cap if you are concerned about your hair slipping out

Iamah wearing Orkide Eda
Image of Iamah wearing our Satin Eda Scarf. This hijab is really pretty and perfect for all black, white and grey outfits. It would also look beautiful with floral prints.


Finally… Here’s a short hijab tutorial for you:


That’s it for this post, thank you so much for reading and we hope that you enjoyed reading our post and our tips have been helpful. 

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