How to Make the most of this Ramadan

Ramadan is a very crucial month for all Muslims as its not only a month where fasting is an obligation but it’s also believed to be a month where sins are forgiven.

It’s a month that purifies the soul, teaches us discipline, and empathy. The month unites Muslims from all backgrounds, cultures and sects.

How to make the most of this Ramadan


This month is truly a month where one connects with one's soul and Allah. Allow yourself time to self-reflect and evaluate your life and its purpose. It may be a month where you want to take a look at your inner self and truly understand your strengths, weaknesses and flaws as a person so you can improve.

In order to make the most of it:

  • Pray on time
  • Recite plenty of Quran and Duas
  • Seek forgiveness and repent for your wrongdoings, also seek forgiveness from others


This month is to empathise with the poor and do good which is why it is highly encouraged to give donations to charities. However generosity doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary, even an act of kindness to another person counts as being generous. Holding iftaars and feeding other people is another way to show kindness.


Ramadan is not only about refraining from food and drink but its also a month where you cut down on bad habits and sinning generally.

For example, you may want to avoid the following

  • Consuming drugs and alcohol
  • Listening to music
  • Swearing
  • Getting angry
  • Backbiting

Tips for those who wish to wear the hijab this month:

Many women also choose to wear the hijab during Ramadan as they believe it is an obligation too. If you are someone who wants to make a start in wearing a hijab and would like to continue after Ramadan here are a few tips for you:

  • Understand why you’re doing it, it isn’t for anyone else but you and your Lord
  • Accept that  it is a journey and your faith at this point in time does not have to be perfect for you to wear it, in fact wearing it may enhance it
  • Remove this perception of “hijabis can’t sin! “Hijabis have to be perfect” because you’re only lying to yourself and creating unrealistic expectations and ultimately making it impossible for you to wear it
  • Start small, you don’t need to start with wearing an abaya from the first day, you can start with modest and loose clothing then gradually improve
  • Be comfortable in what you wear - many people say that you should “get out of your comfort zone”, I don’t think that’s true because the hijab isn’t easy as it is, for you to not be comfy in it would be the worst
  • Ignore comments from outsiders as they aren’t in your shoes but will always find ways to demotivate you
  • Remember, your journey is yours and yours alone

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We wish you and your families a wonderful Ramadan, we hope this Ramadan helps you grow and gain closeness to Allah. Here are some tips on Ramadan Snack Hacks if anyone needs.

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